Ethnic Makeup

Use the correct ethnic makeup to look great for any occasion. Learn about your options here.

Most women do not realize the importance of using the best color of foundation to match their skin tone, many people make the mistake of either going with a shade to light, which will make them look pasty, or worse yet, they choose a color that is too dark for their skin. That can make them look like they are wearing a mask and make them look on the fake side.ethnic makeup

The purpose in using the right foundation is to make yourself look as natural as you can. Your foundation can hide minor flaws and even out your skin tone, making you look refreshed and natural at the same time.

Women that are Indian, Latin or Asian, tend to have more of an olive toned skin, so they need to use makeup that has a yellow undertone. For information on Asian makeup please see the Asian makeup page. Many women have a natural pink glow to their skin and to preserve this, you can use a dusting powder for your face that has a pink undertone to it.

If you have darker skin tones, you will notice that your skin may be a bit on the oily side and this can cause your foundation to look a shade darker then intended. You may want to stick with foundations that are slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. If your skin tone is on the darker side, you can go with foundations that are have a yellow undertone and for ones with darker skin, you may want to try using the foundations that are red/orange based. For information on African American makeup please see the African American makeup page.

So before throwing on your make up in the morning, take extra care in picking out that right foundation. You will be sure to have that special glow that you are striving to achieve while keeping your natural tones even in appearance. For more information on makeup for dark skin please see the makeup for dark skin page.